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About hot springs


Bentenkaku's indoor bath and two private open-air baths are alkaline springs that are gentle on the skin and are popular as "Beautiful skin baths".


Therefore, it can be used safely not only by women but also by small children and babies.


Hot water for beautiful skin


Bentenkaku's natural hot spring is a pure boso spring called "Benten no Yu", which is popular among women.

美肌をもたらす 4 つの成分がお肌に磨きをかけてくれます。

The four ingredients that bring beautiful skin will polish your skin.

  • スベスベお肌に硫酸イオン(角質除去・クレンジング) Sulfate ion (exfoliating / cleansing) on ​​smooth skin
  • しっとりお肌にナトリウムイオン・塩素イオン(保湿・保温) Sodium ion / chlorine ion (moisturizing / heat insulating) for moist skin
  • なめらかお肌に炭酸水素イオン(血行促進・皮膚の柔化) Bicarbonate ion for smooth skin (promoting blood circulation and softening the skin)


Recommended not only for skin beautification but also for gynecological diseases. It is a hot spring for women.


Bentenkaku's hot springs are said to have cleansing and moisturizing effects, so I think it would be a great pleasure to get a smooth, smooth, plump and moisturized skin.


Spring quality


Bentenkaku's hot springs are of the "sodium-bicarbonate / chloride / sulfate spring" quality.


carbonate spring Smooth skin with hydrogen carbonate spring


A "bicarbonate spring" is when the total amount of dissolved substances in 1 kg of hot spring is 1000 mg or more and the main component of anions is hydrogen carbonate ions.


"Hydrogen carbonate spring" was divided into bicarbonate earth spring (calcium hydrogen carbonate spring and magnesium hydrogen carbonate spring) and baking soda spring (sodium hydrogen carbonate spring) in the old spring quality name.


In particular, this baking soda spring (sodium-hydrogen carbonate spring) is a hot spring that can be expected to have a cleansing effect that cleans the skin, and acts like a soap that softens the surface of the skin, emulsifies sebum, and removes dirt. increase.


It is a hot spring quality that is often found in hot springs called "Beautiful skin hot springs" that make the surface of the skin smooth. The first thing that comes to mind as an image of beautiful skin is and texture, and this hot spring has the quality of a spring that makes such smooth skin.

Hydrogen carbonate spring is a hot spring recommended for such people
  • スベスベの美肌になりたい I want to have smooth and beautiful skin
  • 古い角質を落としてなめらかな肌になりたい I want to remove dead skin cells and make my skin smooth
  • 湯上がり爽やか、スッキリする温泉に入りたい I want to take a refreshing and refreshing hot spring after the bath
  • ヌルヌルした美容液みたいなお湯に入りたい I want to take a bath like a slimy beauty essence
  • 化粧ののりを良くしたい I want to improve the paste of makeup


Chloride spring Chloride spring
that wraps the skin with a thin veil


A "chloride spring" is when the total amount of dissolved substances in 1 kg of hot spring is 1000 mg or more and the main component of anions is chlorine ions. The main ingredient is salt, so it tastes salty when you lick it.


Characteristically, the salt component adheres to the skin and wraps the skin like a thin veil. Even after the bath is finished, it acts as a protective film to prevent the skin from drying out and prevent moisture and heat from escaping, so you can expect a warming and moisturizing effect that will keep your skin <moist> and <other> beautiful.


If you go to the beach, swim in the sea, and then expose yourself to the sun, a slight white salt may remain on your skin. Similarly, the salt component in the hot spring remains on the skin.


Chloride springs have a moisturizing effect that keeps the salt covered and keeps warmth even after the hot springs are warmed up. It is also a hot spring that I would like to recommend.

Chloride spring is a hot spring recommended for such people
  • 乾燥肌なので肌をしっとりさせたい I want to moisturize my skin because it is dry skin
  • 冷え性なのでぽかぽか温まりたい I want to warm up because it is cold
  • ウエストが気になるのでカロリーを消費したい I'm worried about my waist, so I want to burn calories


Sulfate spring A hot spring with
plenty of beauty and anti-aging skin


A "sulfate spring" is when the total amount of dissolved substances in 1 kg of hot spring is 1000 mg or more and the main component of anions is sulfate ions.


Depending on the main components of the cations, they are classified into "sodium-sulfate springs (sulfate springs)", "calcium-sulfate springs (gypsum springs)" and "magnesium-sulfate springs (massive springs)". There is a lot of yellowish and slightly cloudy hot water, and it is characterized by a slight bitter taste when licked.


There are many hot springs with legends such as healing the wounds of various military commanders from ancient times, and it is said to be suitable for trauma and arteriosclerosis. It is a nice spring quality that can be expected to restore the skin-beautifying power because it restores the elasticity of wounds and blood vessels.


In particular, "sodium-sulfate spring (sulfate spring)" is expected to promote collagen production and activate antioxidant defense mechanism, so it is also incorporated into commercially available bath salts <moisturizing ingredient>. is. It is an "anti-aging hot water" that activates the skin-beautifying power that tends to decline.


Sulfate springs are generally hot springs that lead to <tight and moisturized skin>.

Sulfate springs are recommended for people like this
  • 温泉でアンチエイジングしたい I want to anti-age in a hot spring
  • ハリ・うるおいのある肌になりたい I want to have firm and moisturized skin
  • 美肌力に磨きをかけたい I want to polish my skin beauty
  • サラサラの肌になりたい I want to have smooth skin


Precautions for spring quality, efficacy, and bathing

泉質 Spring quality ナトリウム―炭酸水素塩・塩化物・硫酸塩泉(旧泉質名:含食塩・芒硝―重層泉) Sodium-bicarbonate / chloride / sulfate spring (former spring quality name: salt-containing / Glauber's salt-multilayer spring)
(for bath only)
Indications by spring type
Cuts, burns, chronic skin diseases
General indications
Neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, fifty shoulders, motor paralysis, joint stiffness, bruises, wrinkles, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, post-illness recovery, fatigue recovery, health promotion
禁忌症 Contraindications 急性疾患(特に熱のある場合)・活動性の結核・悪性腫瘍・重い心臓病・呼吸不全・腎不全・出血性疾患・高度の貧血・その他一般に病勢進行中の疾患・妊娠中(特に初期と末期) Acute disease (especially if you have a fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, severe heart disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, hemorrhagic disease, severe anemia, other generally ongoing diseases, during pregnancy (especially in the early stages) Terminal stage)


Precautions for bathing

  1. 温泉療養を始める場合は、最初の数日の入浴回数を 1 日あたり 1 回程度とすること。その後は1日あたり 2 回ないし 3 回までとすること When starting spa treatment, the number of baths in the first few days should be about once a day. After that, it should be 2 to 3 times a day.
  2. 温泉療養のための必要期間は、おおむね 2 ないし 3 週間を適当とすること。 The required period for spa treatment should be approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. 温泉療養開始後おおむね 3 日ないし 1 週間前後に湯あたり(湯さわりまたは温浴反応)が現れることがある。「湯あたり」の間は、入浴回数は減じまたは入浴を中止し、湯あたり症状の回復を待つこと。 Yu-atari (hot water touch or hot bath reaction) may appear about 3 days to 1 week after the start of spa treatment. During "Yu-atari", reduce the number of baths or stop bathing and wait for the symptoms of Yu-atari to recover.
  4. 以上のほか、入浴には次の諸点について注意すること。 In addition to the above, pay attention to the following points when taking a bath.
    • 入浴時間は、入浴温度により異なるが、初めは 3 分ないし 10 分程度とし、慣れるにしたがって延長してもよい The bathing time varies depending on the bathing temperature, but it should be about 3 to 10 minutes at the beginning and may be extended as you get used to it.
    • 入浴中は運動浴の場合は別として、一般には安静を守る。 While taking a bath, apart from the exercise bath, generally keep rest.
    • 入浴後は、身体に付着した温泉の成分を水で洗い流さない。(湯ただれを起こしやすい人は逆に浴後真水で身体を洗うか、温泉成分を抜き取るのがよい) After bathing, do not wash away the hot spring ingredients that have adhered to your body with water. (People who are prone to sores should wash their bodies with fresh water after bathing or remove the hot spring ingredients.)
    • 入浴後は湯冷めに注意して一定時間の安静を守る。 After taking a bath, be careful of the cold water and keep rest for a certain period of time.
    • 次の疾患については原則として高温浴( 42℃以上)を禁忌とする。 As a general rule, high temperature baths (42 °C or higher) are contraindicated for the following diseases.
      1. 高度の動脈硬化症 Severe arteriosclerosis
      2. 高血圧症 high blood pressure
      3. 心臓病 Heart disease
    • 熱い温泉に入るとめまい等を起こすことがあるので十分注意する。 Be careful as you may get dizzy when you enter a hot spring.
    • 食事の直前、直後の入浴は避けることが望ましい。 It is advisable to avoid bathing immediately before and after eating.
    • 飲酒しての入浴は特に注意する。 Be especially careful when taking a bath after drinking alcohol.


Source hot spring ingredient content Ingredient content

弁天閣 源泉含有成分表